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Global Network

Global Network

The people who have been harmed by mold and indoor contaminants and many of the leading experts in this field have joined together.  They have united to share their collective knowledge, expertise and life experiences to advance the understanding and awareness of this very important public health issue.

The Global Indoor Health Network is a dedicated group of scientists, physicians, researchers, building engineers, indoor air quality experts, industrial hygienists, attorneys, teachers, injured workers, advocates and others who are working together to promote healthy indoor environments in homes, schools and businesses.

Be sure to read the papers by GIHN.They have papers on a variety of topics relating to indoor air pollution.

As stated in their papers:

It is time we paid more attention to the air we breathe.

It is time for our national and world leaders to develop a comprehensive public health response to this devastating epidemic that has the potential to cripple our individual and collective futures.

The GIHN papers can be found here.
Global Indoor Health Network
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